At a news conference in Hartford Monday, Oct. 21, seven current and former UConn students filed a complaint against the university, alleging they were victims of sexual assault on campus. Read the story here:

The Title IX complaint sets forth details of rapes, sexual assaults and sexual batteries - horrific stories that would make any father clench his fists and demand justice, especially considering he, in many cases, is paying a hefty sum for tuition that is also supposed to include security for his little girl.

UConn has been plagued with stories of sexual assault for years now, with one anonymous former rape crisis center volunteer saying on record that there were several assaults per week reported when she worked there. 

Smoke, fire and all that, right? Now, cut back to the news conference and have said father(s) in attendance, fists still clenched, and the Governor saying, "The reality is that we are safer in Connecticut since I became the Governor." Mr. Early release himself!

Do YOU think CT is safer since Malloy took office?