The latest young male apparently enraged by the fact that girls do not like him, his virginity still in tact, has emerged, alarming media pundits, a small percentage who are intent on chalking his rage up to misogyny. Misogyny? In a day and age where selfies, log-in ladies of the night, sexy screen chats with strangers, and so much more, are just a click away, this comes off to me as more brat than that.

Check out my initial take on this Elliott Rodgers here:

This lacking of self-esteem, so easily rectified by rage, is a direct byproduct of social media, in my opinion; while the boom is supposed to widen our collective horizon, give us that many more people to be able to reach, it only seems to be causing isolation for many. After all, why actually go out to the mall and interact with actual human beings when you can get what you need on-line, from the lid to the lady?