New Haveners, have you heard the news? No, there's NOT good rockin' at midnight - Mayor Harp is fighting so vigorously to keep her anti-blight chief from taking a better-paying gig in Hartford (that he already accepted, by the way - plus he wasn't exactly nailing the whole anti-blight thing) that she's offered him a $26,000 raise.

Read about it HERE, courtesy of the New Haven Independent:

This, of course, all begs the question, Where would the 26K come from? But beyond that, 26K is another person's entire salary in 2014 America, never mind the fact that most cities are tightening their budget belt - not fashioning it into a noose that we'd all, collectively, swing from. 

While I, like the rest of the country, mourn the passing of actress Ann B. Davis this week (Alice from "The Brady Bunch"), fact is Mike probably woulda had to let her go years ago!

More on that HERE: