Your thoughts need a leash. Yes, you heard right. You need to learn to direct your inner dialogue, the voices that pipe up when you’re being a chicken (“I’m terrible at meeting people!”) or a brat (“I had a hard week. I deserve a cookie!”) That’s what this week’s show is about (if you haven’t heard it, LISTEN now). It’s crucial that you do, because how you think determines how you act.
Every single result in your life—the good, the bad and the ugly—is because of your inner dialogue. And 60 percent of our inner dialogue is negative!You have a thought—“My life sucks!” or “I hate my boss!”—and I promise that you will have a result that’s consistent with those thoughts. That’s why it’s so important to understand the impact of your thinking.
The problem is, you probably don’t want to pay attention to your inner dialogue. It’s likely to be nasty, mean and shallow (“I don’t want to apologize.”) It can keep you up at night with excuses, and ruin the best of days.  
The good news is, if you catch your thoughts, you can make sure they’re connected to your ambitions and dreams. Once you pay attention and hearyour inner chicken, the one who is scared to speak up at meetings, or the brat who doesn’t want to go to the gym, you can flip those thoughts!
So this is your assignment: This week, twice a day, write down all the negative thoughts you’ve had, word for word: “I don’t want to do this stupid assignment!” Then tune in next week to learn how to put a leash on those negative thoughts—for good.